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The Action

As a Creative Director you will be responsible for raising the bar on our concepts and productions together with a team of talented creatives. You will grow and develop the creative team that contribute to GoSpooky's mission and it's short, mid and long term focus. You will embed our core values in the team and the work you create: bold, creative and straightforward! And you will ensure that our mission, Social Reimagined, is executed to the highest standard in our output. As the Creative Director you will be part of the Lead team and will contribute to the daily management of GoSpooky.  


You as Creative Director...

  • Have senior experience as a Creative Lead/Director in the creative and media industry, as well as working in, and with, a fast growing business and team 
  • Know how to manage a team and has proven leadership skills 
  • Know where consumer attention is right now and where it's headed in the near future
  • Have senior level experience with combining creativity and technology
  • Present a creative vision, idea, concept or production plan to our clients. Face to face or via a video call. 
  • Are able to provide feedback on quality (effectiveness, speed & value) that makes the work and the people better
  • Are able to provide feedback on craft (copy & art) that makes the work better
  • Are able to foster personal growth within the Creative team

Perks, perks, perks!

  • A great salary and working with an amazing team
  • Flexible number of holidays - you can take your rest when it is needed
  • Weekly boot camp in our own amazing garden!
  • We have a boat, we use it, we love it
  • Friday drinks, or whenever we have something to celebrate
  • and much more... 

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Please note a valid EU work permit is required for this role.